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ABSTRACT: STRATAGEM forward stratigraphic modelling of the Northwest Sabah Deepwater Area, Malaysia

Abdul Hamid, Zulkefli1, Charlie Lee2
(1) PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(2) Sabah Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

A STRATAGEM model (an interactive modelling program for integrated stratighraphic evolution), based on regional 2D deepwater seismic lines from the Northwest Sabah deepwater area, adequately modelled the stratigraphic and structural geometries of the continental margin and deepwater basins. The modelling allows geoscientist to complete the circle from subsurface seismic and wells interpretation through forward stratigraphic modelling to generation of syntethic seismic and wells for comparison with real data.

Good match between modelled and observed stratigraphy based on seismic and well data has developed and quantified concepts of deepwater basin evolution, predicted deepwater facies/reservoir distribution and architecture, constructed interpretation of deepwater subsurface data and performed sensitivity test that evaluate the fundamental controls on the observed deepwater basin stratigraphy.

Tectonically induced subsidence and eustatic sea level changes are found to be the two main controlling factors on the deepwater reservoir evolution and distribution. Thrust-sheet piggy-back basins and associated thrust ridges form an ideal trap for the ponding of turbidites on the shelf, slope and basin by the fill-and-spill mechanism. Changes in eustatic sea level have major impact on the rate of the deepwater sediment supply, accommodation space and environment of deposition.

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