--> --> Abstract: An Underexplored Opportunity -- Miocene Deep Play in the Louisiana Transition Zone, by Fangjian 'Jack' Xue, Kim Hemsley, and Robin Heim; #90914(2000)

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Fangjian 'Jack' Xue1, Kim Hemsley1, Robin Heim1
(1) Schlumberger, Houston, TX

Abstract: An underexplored opportunity -- Miocene deep play in the Louisiana Transition Zone

An integrated field and regional sequence stratigraphic study was undertaken to define geologic and production trends in the land/water transition zone of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Results suggest that the Miocene deep play contains significant untapped economic potential. Although shallow targets have been intensely and widely drilled, deep targets remain relatively untested. The deep prospective geologic section is more than 10,000 feet thick with high impact potential in Miocene lowstand systems tracts in a geopressured section, typically at depths exceeding 15,000 feet. Drilling deep Miocene targets beneath existing fields offers the potential to dramatically increase production.

Stratigraphic correlation and sandstone thickness calculations for approximately 1,600 wells established the Miocene sequence stratigraphic framework. Paleogeographic reconstructions define areas likely to include sand-rich lowstand deposits. New 3D seismic surveys were analyzed in 16 field studies. In each field, structures were mapped and lithologies and petrophysical properties determined. Productive sections were tied into the regional stratigraphic framework. The fields serve as analogs for similar, as yet undiscovered accumulations in the deep Miocene play. A production performance analysis of approximately 80,000 completions in the Louisiana transition zone was completed at regional, field and wellbore scales to increase understanding of Miocene production and to define areas with potential for increased production based on historical performance. The integration of geophysical, geological and engineering data increased the accuracy of the study leading to a better understanding of production controls, thereby reducing the geologic and economic risk of drilling deep wells in the Louisiana transition zone.

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