--> --> Abstract: Half Graben Exploration and its Potentiality, Shushan Basin, Western Desert, Egypt, by Tammam M. Tammam; #90914(2000)

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Tammam M. Tammam1
(1) Egyptian General Petroleum Corp. (EGPC), Cairo, Egypt

Abstract: Half graben exploration and its potentiality, Shushan Basin, Western Desert, Egypt

The assessment of hydrocarbon within half graben features is critical, especially in areas of large reservoir extension. This concept have been considered in Shushan basin; situated in the northern western part of the Western Desert of Egypt and extends to the offshore area of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a rifting basin of Early Cretaceous and has a NE - SW trend. Lower Cretaceous and Jurassic sequences are the main objectives; they provide good source, reservoir and adequate seal rocks. The exploring for hydrocarbon is very successful, adding and yielding new discoveries within the Shushan mature basin.

Jurassic sequence (Khatatba Formation) is the focus of this study. Different oil/water contacts, distinct pressure, facies changes and the regional NNW-SSE fault trend classified the area of Salam and Kenz into two main compartments. Areas of mature source rocks are close to the hydrocarbon accumulations, so exploration within the half graben in the mature basin and complex structure is very important.

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