--> --> Abstract: Remediation of Gas Meter Sites Contaminated by Releases of Mercury, by William H. Schramm; #90914(2000)

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William H. Schramm1
(1) Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Baton Rouge, LA

Abstract: Remediation of Gas Meter Sites Contaminated by Releases of Mercury

Releases of mercury due to maintenance, calibration, demolition and vandalism of mercury type manometers has been documented in over 2000 sites in Louisiana. Over 25,000 potential sites are estimated to exist in the State.

Prior to December 20, 1998, owners/operators of meter sites were able to voluntarily remediate contaminated sites with final acceptance by the Louisiana Department of Enviromental Quality (LDEQ) if work plan approval and agency oversight were obtained. With the promulgation of the Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP) on December 20, 1998, the LDEQ now requires official notification and submittal of investigation, risk assessment or remediation work plans for any site with the release of any reportable quantity. One pound of mercury (app. 1 fl.oz.) has been determined to be the reportable quantity under the Louisiana Administrative Code.

The LDEQ Remediation Services Division now manages the evaluation and remediation of these sites. Sites passing the screening level or sites cleaned to the screening level may receive a No Further Action Required At This Time letter. The only major change is the drop from a 20 ppm to a 2.2 ppm action level that initiates remediation. However, this program is no longer voluntary. Anyone with knowledge of contamination must address the issue through the RECAP procedure.

This presentaion will describe past activities involving mercury meter site remediation and discuss the current regulatory status and requirements.

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