--> --> Abstract: Depositional Framework and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Oligocene-Lower Miocene, Cienaga de Oro Formation, Magangue Arch, Lower Magdalena Province, Colombia, by Carlos A. Amaya and Pedro A. Rios; #90914(2000)

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Carlos A. Amaya1, Pedro A. Rios1
(1) Ecopetrol, Bogota, Colombia

Abstract: Depositional framework and seismic stratigraphy of the Oligocene-Lower Miocene, Cienaga de Oro Formation, Magangue arch, Lower Magdalena Province, Colombia

The Oligocene-Lower Miocene Cienaga de Oro Formation is the main exploratory target at the Magangue arch, one of the tectonic elements of the Lower Magdalena Province. More than 400 ft of conglomeratic to fine grained sandstones deposited under deltaic conditions lie unconformably over igneous basement, conforming a very complex unit which contains more than 200 proved gigas of dry gas in the study area.

Two-dimensional seismic, cores, well logs and production data were integrated to carry out a geologic characterization of the area. At least two seismic surfaces were identified into the Cienaga de Oro Formation and calibrated with well logs. Geological maps of these surfaces allowed the reconstruction of the paleogeography of this part of the basin during Oligocene-Lower Miocene time.

Fan Delta geometries associated to lower areas of the basement and marked by the seismic surfaces mentioned above, show a general east-west trending. Gas production reported from some of those deltaic environments drives to consider additional drilling along several untested areas.

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