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JOHNSON, WILLIAM I., Petroleum Consultant, Bartlesville, Oklahoma; THOMAS MEEKS, Wave Technology, Inc., Colton, California; and ANTHONY K. MILLER U.S. Crude Ltd., Colton, California

Abstract: Thermal-Gas Repressurization of a Pennsylvanian Age Stream Channel Sandstone Reservoir in Osage County, Oklahoma

Landon Field is located in northern Osage County, Oklahoma. During September and October 1997 the operator conducted an 8 well cyclic steam pilot project to increase oil production to 10 barrels per day from less than 1 barrel per day and remediate paraffin precipitation. Cyclic steam operations successfully removed precipitated paraffin, allowing inflow of oil into the wellbore. Oil production increased to 12 barrels per well in the pilot project but quickly declined because of the lack of reservoir pressure to drive oil to producing wells. The operator, U.S. Crude Ltd., made the decision to design and constructed a thermal-gas (flue-gas) generator to repressurize the reservoir. The TM-98 Thermal-Gas generator was designed, constructed, and moved into Landon Field for a pilot test. After the first 5-days of thermal-gas injection by the TM-98 unit oil production in the pilot project increased more than 500 percent above the daily rate. The daily production rate was 5 barrels of oil per day total from 33 producing wells, the average production rate for more than 3 months prior to starting the test in September 1998. During the first 15 days of October 1998 more than 600 barrels of oil was produced and thermal-gas injection was started in 3 additional wells.

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