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HOWELL, HARVEY H., and LANCE HARWERTH, Daubert Energy Co., L.C., San Antonio, TX, and GARY K. RICE and JOHN Q. BELT, GeoFrontiers Corporation, Dallas, TX

Abstract: Dare I (Hope) Field, Concho County, Texas-A United Effort Opens A New Pennsylvanian Fluvial/Deltaic Sand Trend

The Dare I (Hope) field has opened a new stratigraphic trend by successfully integrating subsurface geology with soil hydrocarbon composition analysis. These united disciplines piloted the discovery and development of an ignored, 1600 foot, Pennsylvanian sand located 5 miles south of Eden, Concho County, Texas, at the southern margin on the Eastern shelf of the Midland basin.

Detailed subsurface work recognizing regional sand isopach trends suggested the Hope sand "play". Soil hydrocarbon composition data, calibrated over multiple local producing petroleum reservoirs, demonstrated successful discrimination of specific targets and encouraged the wildcat test.

The Ultra Oil & Gas, Inc. W. Pfluger #1 discovery well was completed May 28, 1996. Initial potentials were 25 BOPD flowing, 72 BOPD pumping, with insignificant gas from 32 feet of sand at 1562-1594'. Originally conceived as a fluvial/deltaic point bar, the field was drilled on a customized spacing pattern guided by surface soil gas geochemistry for subsequent implementation of secondary recovery. Through October 1, 1998, cumulative production is 275,000 BO, from 11 producing and 2 saltwater injection wells. Estimated ultimate recovery is 2 MMBO.

The simple meandering point bar sand depositional model has been refined with Dipmeter and conventional whole core data into a complex regressive sequence illustrated by three separately correlatable cycles. Further integrated exploration efforts will yield additional discoveries and open other virgin trends within this shallow, budget-friendly province.

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