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ROSE, ROBERT, Global Marine Inc., Houston,Texas

Abstract: Previous HitOperatorNext Hit-Driller Relationships in the New Millennium

The presentation will discuss the changing landscape for E&P companies and their service providers (particularly the Offshore Drillers).The "Mega-majors" and "Super-Independents" being created by mergers as well as the imperatives for more cost efficiencies demand a change in the traditional way that Operators and Drillers work together.

The evolution of new and nimble Independents who will step up to work those properties that do not make the cut in the Majors' and Large Independents' process of high-grading prospects, will likewise require new and innovative approaches to the tradition roles of Previous HitOperatorNext Hit and Drilling Contractor.

The responsibility of "constructing an offshore well" will increasingly become that of the Offshore Drilling Contractor as E&P companies focus on their core competencies and out-source those tasks which are not critical to their strategic goals. This presentation is intended to explore those developments and to speculate of ways that the Previous HitOperatorTop-Driller Relationship will evolve as we enter the New Millennium.

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