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PETUKHOV, ALEXANDER V., IGOR V. KUVAEV, Industrial Institute, Ukhta, Russia

Abstract: Ecology Problems and Individualities of Rehabilitation of Chebyu Oil Field in the Timan-Pechora Basin

Chebyu field is the first productive oil pool which has been discovered in the Timan-Pechora basin.The oil deposit is confined to the Upper Devonian sandstone of 1a bed (Djerian horizon). The first tributary of oil was received from 1 RTN well, which had been drilled in 1917 to deep level 477.5 m. It was the first commercial oil produced from the Devonian rocks at the European north-eastern of Russia.

Initial commercial reserves of oil approved in 1938 have been made up as 1038 thousand metric tons of categories A+B. Oil extraction has been produced from Chebyu deposit on the gas regime of wells from 1930 to 1957.The methods of intensification and improve of oil recovery hadn't been used, except isolated cases of electrical warming of wells in 1941. During all the time of the field development have been produced 562.2 thousand metric tons of oil.

According to new estimation which have been made to 1 January 1998 the residual geological oil reserves of categories A+B are made up some million metric tons. Reached ratio of oil recovery makes up only 0.1 changed from 0.16 to 0.30 inside drilled areas. The new research allowed to select the immediate areas for drilling of observation relief wells. These wells will allow to produce of oil efficient using modern methods of oil recovery and carry out the geological and ecological control of the oil field, about 30 per cent which is located within the town of Ukhta.

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