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BONDARENKO, PETR A., KAROGODIN, YURI N., KONTOROVICH, V.A., Institute of Oil and Gas Geology, Novosibirsk, Russia; and PINOUS, OLEG V.*, Inst. of Earth, Oceans and Space., Univ. of New Hampshire, USA

Abstract: Integration of Seismic, Sequence Stratigraphic, and Structural Modeling Techniques to Improve Petroleum Play Prediction in the West Siberian Basin, Russia

The West Siberian basin is the richest petroleum province of Russia in terms of size and reserves. However, the largest percent of petroleum reserves from structural traps has been significantly depleted, and exploration priorities are being reoriented toward smaller stratigraphic and combination traps which collectively represent a significant total volume. Exploration of these plays can be significantly improved by the use of multidisciplinary data. In this study we integrated seismic and sequence stratigraphic data with the results from experimental structural modeling to improve the prediction of petroleum plays and reservoir characteristics. Experimental modeling methods include: 1) Examination of strain field geometry in elastic multilayered material (with different densities) by optical-polarization method; and 2) Modeling of post-depositional structure development in unlithified marine sediments.The experimental conditions are determined according to the real physical parameters of the geological sections such as density, rigidity, and viscosity.The parameters are interpolated from seismic and drilling data and corrected for scale differences. The results of experimental modeling provide an understanding of various postdepositional deformations of lithified and unlithified sediments. Subsequent application of experimental data to seismic and sequence models usually leads to important corrections of the initial interpretations improving our visualization of subsurface geometries and potential traps. In addition, it helps to predict zones of faulted and fractured reservoirs.The concept has been successfully applied to identify potential traps in unexplored regions of West Siberia and to expand existing plays in mature parts of the basin (e.g. Novomolodezhnoe, Priobskoe Fields and others).

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #[email protected] International Conference and Exhibition, Birmingham, England