--> --> Abstract: Mahu Sag Petroleum System in NW Junger Basin, by F. Xie; #90925 (1999)

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FANGKE, XIE, Basin & Reservoir Research Center, University of Petroleum, Beijing, 102200, China

Abstract: Mahu Sag Petroleum System in NW Junger Basin

Mahu sag petroleum system in northwest edge of Junger basin in China has multiple source rocks and multiple periodical pool formation basing on the active and growing Kalamayi fracture as a migration route. The application of present-day welling technique makes it possible that capturing the oil and gas in these high porosity and permeability areas. The research has completed three steps:
1. Collecting and setting of data (The emphases are the effects about growth fault and the migration of oil and gas and the factual data of Junger basin.);
2. Finding out the tectonic fault system of the Kelamayi oil field by seismic interpretation;
3. Studying the oil-source correlation and thermal mature history of source rocks.

The next work will be carried out according to following two facets:
1. Physical experimental technique and Computer software simulation will help to understand the relationship between the histories of oil and gas generation and their migration along the growth fault in Kelamayi oil field, and the effect of migration and accumulation by this mechanism today;
2. Indicating the advantaged target and area by knowledge about the migration principle of oil and gas along the active growth fault and designating the goal of welling and production.

The project will not only greatly extend the exploration and development theory today in capturing the accumulated oil and gas along the growth fault during drilling, but also accelerate the research for non-tectonic shady oil & gas traps. 

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