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WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER B., and TIMOTHY W. DUEX, The University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

Abstract: Evidence for a Local Groundwater Recharge Site in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

The Chicot aquifer sands were mapped and fresh water regions of the aquifer were modeling in Lafayette Parish. During the course of the investigation, evidence was found that the area around Francois Coulee drainage network is acting as a local freshwater recharge site. This is based upon several lines of evidence: 1) the higher relative resistivity readings in this area of the Chicot aquifer indicate nearby freshwater origin; 2) the Francois Coulee surface drainage pattern overlying local point bar deposits in the shallow subsurface sediments can act as conduits to the aquifers sands; 3) the higher regional elevation of this area can create a positive hydrological gradient; and 4) the models generated demonstrated a connection from the Francois Coulee surface region to the City of Lafayette's Northside production plant water wells.

As a precaution, it is recommended that the parish take several steps to safeguard our drinking water. First, prohibit any and all hazardous discharges into the subsurface within the Francois Coulee drainage region. Second, prevent any industry that generates water-soluble waste from locating there. Third, prevent any solid waster management company from locating a site within this region. 

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