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LAWRENCE, MARC A., and HUGH T. LOGUE, Fairfield Industries, Houston, TX; and JESS KOZMAN, Seismic Exchange Inc., Houston, TX

Abstract: Prospective Features Revealed by New 3D Seismic in Shallow Waters of Chandeleur Sound/Viosca Knoll

New 3D seismic data in the shallow waters of Chandeleur Sound and Viosca Knoll are revealing subsurface details that may have been overlooked or not realized on 2D data. The data covers over 700 square mi in an area from Ship Island and Horn Island in Mississippi state waters southward into Louisiana state waters of Chandeleur Sound and both sides of the Chandeleur Islands. Data examples will be presented showing erosional channel and fill, slope deposits, basin floor deposits, and seismic expressions of stratigraphic features in the expanded Miocene section. Shallow gas reservoirs are also evident in the seismic volume.

A large number of stratigraphic sequence boundaries are also evident and deeper data reveal structures exhibiting large areal closure. This region has only been lightly explored and the new data certainly reveals prospective features in a very detailed manner. The region deserves closer examination by geoscientists and explorationists. 

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