--> --> Abstract: Seismic Attribute Analysis In A Carbonate Reservoir Study, Delaware Basin, West Texas, by F. Xue; #90928 (1999).
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Abstract: Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitAttributeNext Hit Analysis in a Carbonate Reservoir Study, Delaware Basin, West Texas

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitattributeNext Hit analysis has been increasingly applied reservoir detection, characterization and monitoring in hydrocarbon exploration, development and production. A Previous HitseismicNext Hit investigation of a Paleozoic carbonate reservoir in Delaware basin, West Texas is provided as a case study to demonstrate the application of Previous HitseismicNext Hit attributes to define subsurface structure, stratigraphy, lithology and hydrocarbons distribution.

In this study, Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitattributeNext Hit extraction is performed systematically with different parameters along interpreted horizons. The physical attributes give information about lithology and hydrocarbon distribution while the geometric attributes reveal small/subtle structural features. The frequency spectra of Previous HitseismicNext Hit wavelets demonstrate that the presence of gas is characterized by a low-frequency peak and carbonate lithology is associated with a relatively higher frequency peak. This result highlights the hydrocarbon reservoir for subsequent interpretation and computation. Frequency and amplitude mapping reveal hydrocarbon distribution and stratigraphic features of reef, bank and karst topography that have not been tested by wells. Dip and correlation mapping define maximum flexure on flanks that control small/subtle fault and fracture patterns. The two types of Previous HitattributeTop maps show good correlation and are validated by well penetration and hydrocarbon production. The results suggest that natural fractures are an important control on reservoir quality and well performance.

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