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Paradigm Geophysical Corporation, Houston, TX

Abstract: Application of Volume Visualization Techniques for the Structural Previous HitInterpretationNext Hit of the Top Paleocene, West of the Shetland Islands, and the Late Jurassic Vulcan Formation within the Vulcan Sub-Basin, North Western Australia

3-D structural Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit, in general, ranges from mapping structural style to detailed mapping of subtle faults Current popular 3-D Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit methods are conventional seismic data Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit and the utilization of attributes such as coherency volumes. Volume visualization offers alternative Previous HitinterpretationTop methods which may provide the exploration and production geoscientist with new techniques to generate higher quality interpretations in less time. Two datasets are used to illustrate the technology. One is a 3-D from the Vulcan SubBasin, North West Australia, where the highly structured Late Jurassic Vulcan formation is mapped to determine its structural style, and the second is the detailed mapping of a Paleocene, complexly faulted low relief anticline, West of the Shetland Islands. Detailed descriptions of the work flow and visualization techniques are discussed, with numerous images to illustrate the benefits and limitations.

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