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Abstract:Depositional Framework of the Late Cretaceous Mesaverde Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

HERRERO-FERNANDEZ, MARIA J., Sedimentary Systems Research Group, School of Geography and Geosciences, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, KY16 9ST, Scotland

The Late Cretaceous Mesaverde Formation (up to 600 m thick) exposed in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming, consists of a vertical and lateral mosaic of meter- to decameter-scale fluvial channels and associated interfluve facies. It forms part of the series of clastic wedges associated with the developing foreland basin along the western margin of the Cretaceous Interior seaway. Detailed lateral mapping and measurements and remote sensing of the Mesaverde rocks will be used to construct 3-D stratigraphic and depositional frameworks and thus establish the geometric arrangement of sandstone bodies and channel stacking patterns. The goal is to develop outcrop analogs for reservoir characterization models of fluvial deposits and the interconnectivity of channel sandstones and associated facies for use in the hydrocarbon producing portions of the basin. This will enhance our understanding of the genesis of stratal architecture in ancient fluvial systems and enable industry to better evaluate and predict resource and reservoir potential.

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