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Abstract: Early Ordovician Facies Development on the Laurentian Craton: A Comparison Between Northwest Scotland and Southern Oklahoma

CALLAWAY, AMY M., Texas Christian University, Geology Department, Fort Worth, TX

During the Upper Cambrian and Lower (Ordovician, a major transgression took place across the Laurentian craton which was centered astride the equator between latitudes 30 degrees N and 30 degrees S. "Oklahoma" was located between latitudes 8 to 10 degrees S, at the western margin of the continent. This part of the craton was subject to a maritime equatorial climate; more specifically it was on the leeside of the continent with respect to southeast trade winds. "Northwest Scotland" was located at a similar latitude but on the eastern, windward, margin of the continent. This study will compare the petrology and petrography of sequences from the Kindblade Formation in the Upper Arbuckle Group (Oklahoma) to Sangomore and Balnakeil Formations of the Durness Group (Scotland).

The Arbuckle and Durness Groups were deposited on one of the largest carbonate platforms that has ever existed. There is an ongoing debate as to the reality and cause of the meter-scale cyclic motifs recognized by some authors in these sequences. By examining in detail two sequences of similar age but from geographically disparate areas, it is hoped to add a further dimension to this debate.

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