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Abstract: Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Ukrainian Carpathian Accretionary Wedge

BUBNIAK, IHOR M., Institute of Geology & Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels, National Academy of Sciences, Lviv, Ukraine

The main goal of this project is to prove tectonic model - kinematical and mechanical links between crustal extension at the trailing edge of the wedge, transform faulting along its NW boundary and frontal thin-skinned folding and thrusting. This requires the sampling of high quality structural data cover the whole accretionary wedge by series of profiles. The collection of data will be carried out along 3-5 profiles in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Apart from structural data mentioned above another data such as stratigraphy, sedimentological and geochemical ones will be collected.

Next investigated problem is the analysis of large-scale out-of-sequence Ukrainian Carpathian overthrust and its influence on hydrocarbon potential in studied region.

According to task approaches include:

1. kinematic studies for the localization of tectonic transport; the determination of trap mechanisms and their timing; and

2. balancing for the determination of the wedge structure and for the characteristic of the source, seal and collector rock distribution.

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