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Abstract: Pedogenically enhanced Previous HitmagneticNext Hit susceptibility variations as a paleoclimatic proxy in Paleozoic loessite

SOREGHAN, GERILYN S., MONIKA COGOINI, R. DOUGLAS ELMORE, BODO KATZ, and SANJAY BANERJEE, School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma


Previous HitMagneticNext Hit susceptibility through an upper Paleozoic loessite sequence varies significantly: low values occur in unaltered loessite and high values occur in sedimentologically suspected or confirmed paleosol horizons. Rock Previous HitmagneticNext Hit data suggest that these variations reflect differences in concentration and grain size of the Previous HitmagneticTop carrier, and are consistent with pedogenic formation of ultra-fine-grained magnetite during warm/wet climatic intervals.

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