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Abstract: True Pay Thickness Determination of Laminated Sand and Shale Sequences Using Borehole Previous HitResistivityNext Hit Image Logs.

REID, RAY and MILT ENDERLIN, Phillips Petroleum Company

Once an exploration well has been logged, economic evaluation begins. True pay thickness from logs is an important input to that economic evaluation. Knowledge of the true pay thickness is of particular importance in sands and shales laminated at a scale below the resolution of the standard logging suit. Previous HitResistivityNext Hit image logs provide information about the spatial distribution of shallow Previous HitresistivityNext Hit. Since Previous HitresistivityNext Hit is a function of both the rocks and included fluids, Previous HitresistivityNext Hit images can provide information about the spatial nature of the rocks and fluids. With proper processing (which includes data transformation from depth to the time domain, correction for tool acceleration, transformation back to the depth domain, static normalization, and quality discrimination) the Previous HitresistivityNext Hit images can provide a quantitative measure of the shallow Previous HitresistivityNext Hit at a resolution of a few centimeters. A Previous HitresistivityNext Hit-to-pay sand cutoff operator is selected by the optical application of petrophysical reasoning. The Previous HitresistivityNext Hit-to-pay sand operator determines which sand layers are pay and their Previous HitapparentNext Hit thickness. Further processing can resolve the true dip of individual pay sand layers. By combining the true dip of the pay sand layers with borehole orientation data, the Previous HitapparentNext Hit thickness of each pay sand layer can be converted into a true pay sand layer thickness. Summing over all the true pay sand layer thickness yields the true pay thickness. Previous HitResistivityTop images from a Gulf of Mexico exploration well are used to illustrate a processing procedures to achieve an understanding of the true pay thickness.

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