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Abstract: Inferring Fault Linkage from Seismic Data and Numerical Analysis: Application to the Oseberg Syd Reservoir Compartmentalization

MAERTEN, LAURENT, The Rock Fracture Project, Stanford University


The linkage of sealing faults can cause substantial reservoir compartmentalization, and significantly increase the number of wells required to drain reserves.

Mechanical interaction between adjacent contemporaneous faults leads to slip perturbation especially close to the intersection of the faults. Comparison between the seismically observed slip with the computed slip is used to assess the linkage of the faults. A boundary element code is used to refine the seismic interpretation and to evaluate fault linkage.

The examples presented in this contribution show how, in three dimensions, the fault tip-line can be extended and how the location of the potential intersection line can be estimated with more confidence by comparing the slip distributions on the fault planes to model distributions.

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