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Abstract: Shale Mobility in Western Venezuela, Implications for Maturity Studies and Prospectivity

CHATELLIER, JEAN-YVES, Presenter, Intevep S.A.; MARIA JULIA MENDEZ, Intevep S.A.; PAUL HAGUE, Robertson Research; and ALONSO NAVARRO, Maraven. S.A


Shale tectonics has been locally recognized in seismic and in cores in Zulia Oriental (Western Venezuela). An integrated study involving seismic interpretation, sedimentology, diagenesis and geochemistry has revealed the necessity of “palinspastically” replacing values of Ro in order to assess the prospectivity of an area. Similarly gradients introduced by high bed dips should be corrected in order to reveal the real thermal flow regime and to assess correctly amount of erosion, fault types and fault throws.

Examples from Zulia Oriental will demonstrate the difference between results from a conventional maturity study and from a maturity study involving palinspastic reconstruction.

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