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Abstract: A Model For The Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Carbonate Wireline Log Motifs: An Example from the North West Shelf of Australia.

HULL, JONATHAN N.F.; STUART A. SMITH and HAMISH C. YOUNG, National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, University of Adelaide and University of South Australia.


A model has been developed for the sequence stratigraphic interpretation of wireline log motifs in the carbonate passive margin section of the North West Shelf of Australia. The model, constrained by available biostratigraphic data, has proved a valuable tool in the subdivision of genetically related units within the Mid Cretaceous to Recent sediments. Sequence stratigraphic events defined from wireline logs and biostratigraphic data have been transferred to seismic and are shown to correlate well. The study has enabled the definition of a high-resolution chronstratigraphic framework for this section of the North West Shelf.

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