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Abstract: Factors Controlling Hydrocarbon Habitat In Zhu I Sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin

WANG, CHUNXIU, ZHANG QUNYING, China National Offshore Oil Corporation


Zhu I sag is a prolific sub-basin in the Pearl River Mouth basin, the enrichment of hydrocarbon in and around it is controlled by several factors: well-developed lacustrine source rock in Paleogene rifting stage, regional deltaic and littoral sandstone as reservoir and conduit for migration in early post-rifling stage (late Oligocene—early Miocene) and thick marine mudstone in middle post-rifting stage (late Early Miocene— early Middle Miocene) as a regional seal.. With high geothermal gradient, the source rock began its main generation / expulsion phase in Early—Middle Miocene, meanwhile, many preexisting and relative complete traps on high place and in the direction of migration became favorable accumulation sites for hydrocarbon.

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