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Abstract: Automatic Reconstruction of 3D Multi-Valued Surface Models from Interpreted Seisimic Data



We will introduce a new approach to automatically construct a 3D multi-valued surface model from interpreted seismic data. The main contribution of this work is the rapid and precise computation of the 3D model, which might be given by a set of digitized data from a seismic section with a multi-valued surface. Our motivation comes from the major problem in most of the methods of CAD (computer aided design) models based on an unorganized collection of points in space. The generated 3D model can not be corrected if the digitized data are extremely complex. Even if the generated model is corrected, such meshes are notoriously expensive to store, transmit, and render. On the contrary, our algorithm to generate a 3D model, does not need the digitized data to be fine enough to represent the 3D surface. Compared to other methods, ours has the advantages of simplicity, efficiency and uniformity. The first step of our approach is to generate a convex hull by applying 2D Delaunay triangulation. The second step is to shrink the convex hull to a 3D object by the implementation of 2D local triangulation, constrained by the given set of polylines. The algorithms are illustrated step by step by a mushroom model with a closed surface, and then are tested with two complex geologic models with an open surface.

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