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Abstract: Tectonic Map of the Atlas Mountains, North Africa

BEAUCHAMP, WELDON, Currently at ARCO International Oil and Gas Company and MUAWIA BARAZANGI, Institute for the Study of the Continents, Cornell University


The Atlas Mountains is one of the largest intracontinental mountain belts (~2000 km) in the world, comparable to the Rocky and Ural Mountains. The Atlas Mountains extend from the Atlantic margin of Morocco to the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, and are the result of the uplift and inversion of a previous Mesozoic rift system. A Landsat-TM mosaic, based on 40 TM scenes, was created as a base for geological interpretation for the map. The tectonic map of the Atlas Mountains was developed using a geographical infromation system (GIS), and resulted in the recognition of distinct tectonic regimes within the study area of North Africa. The tectonic map of the Atlas Mountains of North Africa highlights regions that offer potential for exploration.

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