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Abstract: A Comparison of Core and Electrical Formation Images in Low Porosity Hunton Production


The Hunton Formation in some wells in Central Oklahoma has traditionally produced oil and gas at rates significantly better than should be expected from the crossplot porosity on the basic suite of logs. A well in an area of good producers was selected for both whole coring and electrical formation imaging in order to offer a geological and petrophysical explanation of this.

The analysis of this data yields a spectacular view of multiple aspects of secondary porosity and their interconnection to each other. The favorable comparison of the core and image information results in the explanation of the above through a well developed vug system enhanced and interconnected with open natural fractures.

In addition to refining conventional thinking on porosity and permeability relationships, the above study also presents the ability to orient and predict the strike of these systems for use in future field development. Basic log and well production data is presented, along with the core and image data, for comparative purposes.

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