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Abstract: Satellite information in decision of petroleum-geological tasks by search, Previous HitestimationNext Hit and production of fields


By the search of the fields the complex usage of satellite information in industrial regime allows to realize the prediction of oil and gas objects of different morphogenetical types, including the Previous HitestimationNext Hit of productive criteria of types in complicate seismic-geological conditions. The Previous HitestimationNext Hit of objects is made by the trinominal gradation: productive, low-productive and unproductive. The fluid-geodynamical processes are physical base of the method of structure productivity Previous HitestimationNext Hit. Above productive structures they stipulated the forming of anomalous characteristics of components of landscape and sea surface, which are fixed by cosmic surveys. The method has been approved in West-Siberia and Dnieper-Pripyat provinces and in shelves of the Azov and the Black seas. The coefficient of the confirmation is 70-80%.

The most full structural-tectonic model of fields is made, by the Previous HitestimationTop of the importance of tectonic factor for the control of the fields of oil and gas development, position of water-oil contact, reservoir properties of productive horizons and other indexes. On the stage of exploitation of fields the zonal prognosis of development of epigenetic reservoir with high filtration-capacity properties is carried out.

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