--> --> Abstract: Introduction of New Structural Elements to the Mature Matzen Field, Vienna Basin, Austria, by P. Baltas; #90942 (1997).
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Abstract: Previous HitIntroductionTop of New Structural Elements to the Mature Matzen Field, Vienna Basin, Austria


Matzen Field, although sedimentologically and in places structurally very complex, has been considered well studied and adequately understood.

However, despite the high well density (200m av. well spacing, more than 1300 wells) the newly acquired 3D seismic data set revealed the presence of new structural elements in the field. A considerable number of strike slip faults were detected having WNW-ESE and NNE-SSW orientation. These faults, extending up to the Middle-Upper Pannonian of the section, are sub-vertical with sub-seismic vertical displacement, hence not detectable by well log correlation.

The analysis of the seismic attributes of the mapped seismic events in the field revealed the presence of these new tectonic elements in all mapped seismic horizons. The analysis was performed for all possible attributes such as amplitude, azimuth, dip, dip and azimuth, edge and illumination displays.

The distribution of hydrocarbons in individual horizons as well as production data was utilized in order to verify the presence of these faults.

The full impact of these faults to production behavior is currently being investigated.

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