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Abstract: Complex Criteria for Previous HitEstimationNext Hit of Reservoir Properties of Heterogeneous Clastic Successions (Lower Triassic Seria in North Bulgaria)


The Lower Triassic Sediments in the North Bulgaria are an important oil and gas reservoir. They are predominantly fluvial, braided-sandy successions with eolian intervals. The main task of the study of their reservoir properties is the correct modeling of the sedimentary geometry and numerical Previous HitestimationNext Hit of the reservoir capacity of these heterogeneous sediments.

Detailed lithofacial sections will be prepared using standard schematic procedure for determination of different fluvial and eolian types of selected outcrops and cores, covering all sedimentary types in the economically producing area. Architectural-element analysis with determination of 3-D architectural units of different order will be carried out using collected 2-D lithofacies data and measurements of all types of paleocurrent indicators. The porosity and permeability of selected architectural units will be measured experimentally and in thin sections with Previous HitestimationNext Hit of the primary porosity and degree of lithofacies alteration. The results will be used to specify internal 3-D geometry of the studied successions and for typization of the architectural unites in them according to their reservoir properties. The different, both by quality and order, reservoir unites will be defined after computer processing of the data obtained and their correlation with available logs of the outcrops and wells studied.

A complex database applicable in reinterpretations and correlations of the existent well logs from all productive locations will be developed. The final result expected is to develop more accurate criteria for Previous HitestimationTop of the properties of these heterogeneous oil and gas reservoirs in North Bulgaria.

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