--> Abstract: 3D University/Industry Relations - 4D Seismic Technology, by S. J. Tilden; #90939 (1997)

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Abstract: 3D University/Industry Relations - 4D Seismic Technology


Lamont is the Earth Sciences research and graduate education division of Columbia University. Lamont recently reformulated its program for the oil and gas industry, PEtroleum Technology Research Organization. PETRO membership now provides companies with access to Earth Science advances through publications and conferences. Membership also entitles firms access to industrial consortia, such as that on 4D seismic monitoring.

Lamont scientists and those of PETRO-member companies worked together to enhance and test Lamont's 4D seismic software. It interprets multiple 3D datasets to extract real seismic differences over time. It provides for monitoring of past drainage and predicting of future drainage. The resulting understanding of the hydrodynamic processes within reservoirs improves performance of reservoir simulators, thus increasing yield and efficiency of oil production. For this reason, consortia members insisted that Lamont's new software be made commercially available to industry.

Lamont created a private corporation, 4D Technology, Inc., to value and market 4D seismic software. Lamont scientist, Roger Anderson serves as Chief Technologist for 4D Tech. Randall Neal, CEO of 4D Tech., is past president of DPC&A, a petroleum software company. Billy Meadow, V.P. Business Development for 4D Tech, served as V.P. for BBN Corporation, a provider of Internet development services. 4D Tech licensed Lamont's 4D software to Western-Atlas International, the second largest oil field service company in the world. As a result, Lamont gained funds for additional research projects, and industry gained a valuable tool for maximizing oil and gas extraction.

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