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Abstract: Technology Alliance to Examine Reservoir Characterization for Enhanced Recovery Potential in the East Canton Field, Ohio


The Ohio Division of Geological Survey is working on a cooperative project with oil and gas operators, service companies, and the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council for reservoir characterization of the "Clinton" sandstone in the East Canton field. This project is designed to assist in evaluating the potential for enhanced recovery. In particular, the potential for infill drilling beyond the normal 40-acre spacing requirements for this field will be examined. The feasibility of gas repressurization, waterflooding, and horizontal drilling also will be evaluated.

Work conducted by the Ohio Divisions of Geological Survey and Oil and Gas in the U.S. Department of Energy-funded Tertiary Oil Recovery Information System indicates an estimated 1.5 billion barrels of original oil-in-place in the "Clinton" sandstone in the East Canton field. Estimated cumulative oil production is approximately 86.5 million barrels and estimated remaining oil reserves are 51.8 million barrels through primary recovery. Primary recovery methods thus account for approximately 9 percent of the original oil-in-place. Knowledge gained from this field study can be applied to other "Clinton" fields throughout Ohio. Many "Clinton" fields are currently near the end of their economic life and approaching abandonment. It is imperative that new methods be found to extend the life of these fields before they reach premature abandonment.

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