--> Abstract: Regional Mapping of Coal Beds in Kentucky, by R. E. Andrews, E. E. Thacker, and G. A. Weisenfluh; #90939 (1997)

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Abstract: Regional Mapping of Coal Beds in Kentucky


Advances in computer software for handling map data and databases associated with coal resource information have led to significant enhancements in efforts to characterize energy resources. Until recently, most coal resource work was prepared on paper. Area and volume measurements were calculated manually. Consequently, previous studies, were extremely labor intensive, and resulted in essentially static estimates. Because much of the effort for these older studies was directed toward routine measurements, less time could be spent analyzing the results. It was not feasible to readily update and improve the maps on a regional scale. With the advent of efficient computer mapping systems, coal resource data can be continually upgraded to revise estimates to take into account significant additions of new data changing methods of calculation. Although building these digital databases is still a labor intensive effort, in the future it will be less so. In addition, new applications for the databases will be easily incorporated.

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