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GIS as a Basin, Previous HitPlayNext Hit and Acquisition Evaluation Tool


GIS technology can be utilized as a powerful tool to evaluate exploration or exploitation potential of a basin or Previous HitplayNext Hit and to identify acquisition candidates. Whether utilizing proprietary data or data available from vendors, a GIS can be used to query data and display information that provides for more effective Previous HitanalysisNext Hit of the exploration and production history within a basin or Previous HitplayNext Hit, highlight the current status of the area and to provide insight as to their future potential and economic viability. GIS enables spatial data Previous HitanalysisNext Hit that is much more effective and efficient than evaluating data in a textual and/or graphical format. Map examples from the following categories are presented and discussed in the context of basin and Previous HitplayTop evaluation and acquisition assessment: (1) Distribution of fields and reservoirs, (2) Discovery size through time, (3) Discovery depth through time, (4) Success rates through time, (5) Production History, (6) Remaining Reserves and Reserve Growth, (7) Development Intensity and Per Well Recovery, (8) Reservoir Character (Porosity, Permeability, Thickness, Depth, Pressure), (9) Reservoir Fluid Character (API Gravity, Non-hydrocarbon Gas Content), and (10) Proximity to Infrastructure (Pipelines, Processing Plants). 

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