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Abstract: Previous HitIntroductionTop to the New Era in Oil and Gas Industry Electronic Data Management and Retrieval for States and Industry with a Case Study of the Risk Based Data Management System Currently Implemented by the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

J. Daniel Arthur

Management and analysis of oil and gas related data by states and industry has taken many shapes and forms over the years. In previous decades, many states and oil and gas producing companies created electronic databases, many of which were non-relational and difficult to use. Only recently have both public and private petroleum industry professionals been able to take advantage of the computer revolution through the use of sophisticated software on high-speed personal computers. However, custom software has been slow to develop.

Through a national effort funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to assist states and industry, the first PC-based, fully-relational, normalized, and comprehensive electronic data management system was developed for and is being implemented by state oil and gas regulatory agencies including the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation. Ongoing system developments have also included enhancements for industry applications including automated reporting to states.

This paper will provide not only a historical perspective of oil & gas industry data management by states and industry but also insight on the future of this facet of our industry. In addition, the paper will include an overview of the Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) and a case study of RBDMS implementation in Montana.

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