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Abstract: Taking a New Look at an Old Field: A Revised Structural/Stratigraphic Framework of the SVS-40 Area

Chris Taylor, Ricardo Carrizales, Wences Acosta, Juan Cova, Manuel Garrido, Aron N. Rossetti

The SVS-40 area in Lake Maracaibo has undergone a complete structural/stratigraphic revision by fully integrating all available data on a single software platform. This integration was achieved by utilizing the latest workstation technology to create a commonly shared database. This allowed quick access and usage of all the data for generating a structural-stratigraphic-parametric model for reservoir simulation.

Located in Maraven's Lama field, Central Lake Maracaibo, the SVS-40 area has been producing oil for the last 30 years. It contains three major reservoirs which are currently under water injection projects. The reservoir dynamics of the field required a new look, one that could only be achieved by piecing together the data in a coherent fashion.

The structural model was developed primarily from the 3D seismic survey over the area. At the same time, the stratigraphy framework was completed and integrated. Along with the appropriate petrophysical and production data, a consistent geometric and parametric model suitable for input to a numerical fluid flow simulator has been developed. The results of this integrated model are presented as well as the steps followed to generate it.

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