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Abstract: Reactivating of a Mature Oil Field in the Finca-Yopales Area, Venezuel, Using 3-D Seismic

Marel Sanchez, Hernan Betancourt

The area of Finca-Yopales is located in the Eastern Venezuelan Basin in the Anzoategui State where Corpoven has the Trico and Yopales Norte fields. Based on the interpretation of 134 km2 of 3-D seismic and the geologic interpretation from 145 wells in the area, we define a better geological and structural model. We were also able to map 6 seismic reflectors corresponding to the units A8, F7, L4U and S1 from the Oficina Formation, -2 top of Merecure Formation and the top of the Cretaceous, in order to generate a fault plane for all the area which was converted to depth with a lineal relationship which was obtained from wells available. From this interpretation we obtain the structural levels B4, J2, Ml and -2 which are references for the area, those being region l and trangressive events. The main feature of the structure is a high at the southeast of the area and three fault systems of Cretaceous, Miocene and post-Miocene age.

This area has been exploited for a long time, having more than 93% of the inactive drilled wells. The total production up to April, 1995 is 59.14 MMbls; the Trico field is the most prolific, with more than 95% of the production. The sands L's, U's, O's and S's are the most prospective. This paper present the evaluation of the area and the analysis of the reservoir where we increased the computed reserves.

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