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Abstract: Upgrading and Integrating Field Work Data with Templates, Remote Sensing, and Associated Technologies

Gildardo Perez, James M. Ellis

Remote sensing is a basic tool for interpreting geology, generating basemaps, and planning field programs. However, field work for major projects is becoming more dependent upon contractors who have a variety of training, experience, and methodology. A digitally supported template was developed that minimizes contactor gaps in data collected, inconsistent methodology and terminology, and out-of-context observations. The system utilizes off-the-shelf PC software and portable hardware. Some field data can be customized to easily correlate with well logs utilizing computer-aided drafting (CAD) technology.

Satellite imagery for supporting field operations is selected and processed to maximize geological and environmental information. The enhanced image is georeferenced to a specific latitude/longitude and/or UTM Northing/Easting map projection, utilizing ground control points determined with Global Positioning System (GPS). The geologic interpretation of georeferenced images and field work in the Rio Blanco license of Colombia resulted in 1) an improved geologic map with better definition of source-reservoir rock from the hangingwall to the footwall of the main thrust and 2) better surface controlled balanced cross-sections that led to play definition and to improve seismic planning/field parameters design for refining seismic acquisition.

Geographical Information System (GIS) technology is being evaluated as an integration tool data to make complex tables of field data, CAD basemaps, interpretation maps, and images more useful to Earth Scientists. The GIS enables users to:

1. examine their field data, maps, and images in a PC-based environment,
2. better understand spatial relationships between field observations, images and geologic maps,
3. interactively query field data while viewing associated images and maps, and
4. ultimately improve database usage, database quality, and geological interpretations.

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