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Abstract: Reservoir Vizualization for Geosteering of Horizontal Wells

I. D. Bryant, B. Baygun, M. Frass, R. Casco, C. Wood, W. Walter, J. Lovell, M. Poitzsch, R. Rosthal, C. Coll, H. Gamero, A. Leon, K. Leon, R. Padron, L. Rondon, L. Ochoa, J. De Mena, J. Ferrer

Horizontal infill wells in the Lower Lagunillas reservoir of Bloque IV, Lake Maracaibo are being drilled in thin, oil-bearing zones that have been bypassed by gas. Steering the horizontal sections of these wells requires high resolution reservoir models that can be updated during drilling. An example from well VLD-1152 serves to illustrate how these models are generated and used.

Resistivity images collected by wireline and logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools in the pilot well formed the basis of pre-job, high resolution modeling of the formation properties. 3-D seismic data and data from an offset vertical seismic profile collected in the pilot well provided the structural model. During drilling information from cuttings and LWD tools was used to continuously update these models.

After the well had been drilled, analysis of LWD resistivity images provided a detailed model of the relationship between the well trajectory and the dip of the formation. This information is used to improve interpretation of the LWD logs to provide a petrophysical evaluation of the well.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90951©1996 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Caracas, Venezuela