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Abstract: Construction of a Transversal Section Through the Wells MUC-1E, CRC-7, CRC-6, and CRC-3, El Carito Field

Angel Aponte, Oscar Gonzalez

In this work we show how a transversal section of estimated petrophysical properties through the wells MUC-1E, CRC-7, CRC-6, and CRC-3 in the Naricual reservoir was constructed. The wells belong to El Carito field, located in the north of Monagas state, Venezuela. The methodology presented includes geometrical and geostatistical characterization of the section.

Raw data used were the formation structural maps of six layers of the Naricual reservoir and petrophysical attributes -- porosity, permeability and water saturation -- measured in fifteen wells distributed throughout El Carito field. Top maps were used to generate the structural framework of the section and well data was used as conditional data in the stochastic interpolation process. Variographic analysis and estimations were performed with algorithms of the GSLIB library. The result was a detailed transversal section for each petrophysical attribute in the reservoir original geometry. Faults and folds were included.

Petrophysical meshes obtained in this way can be used in fluid flow simulators in order to simulate the performance of the reservoir, understand the gas/water injection process and to study secondary-recovery projects.

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