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Abstract: Previous HitPredictingNext Hit Previous HitPorosityNext Hit Distribution within Oolitic Tidal Bars

Larry J. Cavallo, Jane Lew, Richard A. Smosna

The Mississippian Greenbrier Limestone is a major gas Previous HitreservoirNext Hit in the Appalachian basin, but its complex Previous HitporosityNext Hit patterns often deter active exploration. In southern West Virginia, the Previous HitreservoirNext Hit consists of oolitic tidal bars which are composites of smaller shoals. Previous HitPorosityNext Hit trends closely follow the ooid-grainstone facies which occupied shoal crests, where coarse-grained, well-sorted ooid sand was generated with either unidirectional or bidirectional cross-beds. Nonporous packstone occurred in adjacent tidal channels, and a transitional grainstone/packstone facies of marginal Previous HitporosityTop was situated along the flanks of the shoals. The key to drilling successful wells is in understanding the complex internal geometry of Greenbrier

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