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Previous HitPermeabilityNext Hit Heterogeneity of the Palm Spring Formation, Mecca Hills, California: Implications for Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir Characterization

Thomas K. Kelty

Excellent exposures of the nonmarine, Pliocene to Pleistocene Palm Spring Formation allow the investigation of the spatial Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit variations. By sampling with a field permeameter, the Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit variations between and within sedimentary lithofacies, as well as effects of a major intraformational, angular unconformity on the Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit structure of the lower Palm Spring Formation are characterized.

A systematic Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit distribution of the major lithofacies within the lower Palm Spring Formation is revealed by this work. The highest mean Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit is found in the coarse-grained matrix of conglomerates and the horizontally laminated and cross-bedded sandstones. The massive and rippled sandstones exhibit the lowest mean Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit. The three lithofacies that show the greatest variability about the mean are the conglomerates, horizontally laminated sandstones and massive sandstones. This study indicates that field observations of sedimentary features can be correlated with Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit variations in the Palm Spring Formation. Previous HitPermeabilityNext Hit data are utilized to estimate the correlation ranges over a horizontal distance of 500 meters within a sandstone bed. This analysis and field observations indicate that the correlation distance of Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit corresponds with the width of channels in the sandstone bed. Sampling of the Palm Spring Formation adjacent to an intraformational unconformity demonstrates that there is a decrease in Previous HitpermeabilityNext Hit directly beneath the unconformity. This Previous HitpermeabilityTop reduction is due to secondary mineralization loca ized along the unconformity that possibly occurred during subaerial exposure.

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