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Abstract: Using 3D Modeling Technique in Anatomizing the Geometry and Internal Architecture of a Heterogeneous Reservoir - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Salah El Shazly, Neil Young, Abd El Rahman

This paper illustrates an integrated modeling approach that will produce more reliable and flexible methods for reservoir model building, allowing reservoir simulation predictions to be made with more confidence.

The study reservoir is of complex structural and sedimentological characteristics. The rapid facies change within the carbonate rocks comprising this reservoir together with its faulted anticlinal structure are impacting to a high degree, the fluid dynamics in it. Due to significant lateral and vertical facies change, the conventional fine layering technique using the open hole logs failed in the subdivision of the reservoir into fine correlatable units.

With the aid of Stratigraphic Geocellular Modeling Software (SGM), we were able to build a stratigraphic framework using the gridded surfaces produced by the CPS-3 mapping package. Petrophysical and geological data were introduced into the stratigraphic framework and used to characterize the true three-dimensional nature of the reservoir. Once the three-dimensional data model was constructed, the multiple reservoir characteristics were interactively visualized and the three-dimensional model was exported for reservoir simulation.

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