--> --> Abstract: The Maturation History of the Paleozoic Hydrocarbon System of the Arabian Platform, by R. S. Bishop; #90956 (1995).
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Abstract: The Previous HitMaturationNext Hit History of the Paleozoic Hydrocarbon System of the Arabian Platform

Richard S. Bishop

This poster defines the Paleozoic hydrocarbon system of the Arabian Platform, presents an interpretation of its thermal and burial history and uses those results to describe the Previous HitmaturationNext Hit history of the Lower Silurian source rock. Geohistory analyses were used to delineate source rock kitchens and to guide searches for previously unrecognized sources.

The Paleozoic hydrocarbon system is one of the areally largest hydrocarbon systems in the world and one of the least drilled. It contains one of the world's largest gas fields, is one of the largest potential gas resources on earth, and contains one of the largest emerging oil plays. It is present in both the Zagros Foldbelt and the Arabian Platform. The Lower Silurian Qusaiba source and the Triassic Sudair regional seal define the boundaries of the system.

The Paleozoic hc system evolved in basically five stages: (1) simultaneous sediment accumulation and structural formation during the Paleozoic; (2) major tectonism and erosion in Late Paleozoic (Hercynian); (3) Triassic deposition of a regional seal; (4) Mesozoic charging primarily from the Lower Silurian sources; and (5) re-initiation of Previous HitmaturationTop of Paleozoic sources and charging of the Zagros compressional traps during Neogene collision with Eurasia.

We have also interpreted the filling history of North Dome to explain why it contains gas rather than oil. A combination of late trap growth and late gas generation apparently displaced the previously resident oils and left a trap with a gas rich in condensate. The Silurian may have been exhausted by this time, thus indicating that other sources may have contributed significantly to North Dome.

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