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Abstract: Significant Reserve Additions from Oligocene Hackberry Sands Utilizing 3-D Seismic, Upper Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast

Robert L. Zamboras

The Oligocene Hackberry sands of the Hackberry Embayment represent a complex and elusive exploration target. 3-D seismic evaluation along the headward erosional limits of the embayment provides a reconstructive framework of tectonic and sedimentation patterns which facilitate Previous HithydrocarbonNext Hit exploration.

The 3-D seismic along the Orange County, Texas portion of the Oligocene Hackberry trend indicates: 1) similarities of Hackberry structural and depositional setting to that of the underlying Eocene Yegua Formation; 2) four distinct cyclical sedimentation episodes associated with basin floor slump faulting: 3) the usefulness of seismic attributes as Previous HitdirectNext Hit Previous HithydrocarbonNext Hit Previous HitindicatorsTop; and 4) the potential for significant oil and gas reserves additions in a mature trend.

The Hackberry embayment represents a microcosm of the basin structural and depositional processes. Utilizing 3-D seismic to lower risk and finding cost will renew interest in trends such as the Hackberry of the Upper Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast.

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