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Surface Slices as a Stratigraphic Previous HitInterpretationNext Hit Tool

Tracy J. Stark, Mark Tellez

The goal of this paper is to show how Surface Slices, normally thought of as a structural Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit tool, can be used as a powerful stratigraphic Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit tool for 3-D seismic data. The paper will cover: 1) a review of the Surface Slice technique, 2) examples of particular stratigraphic problems, 3) Surface Slice applications to datumed cubes, and 4) an interactive demonstration.

Surface Slices were introduced at the 1991 SEG convention by Stark as a new technique for obtaining time structure maps from 3-D seismic data. Surface Slices are new displays and also have new Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit tools associated with them. They have attributes of both time slices and time contour or horizon amplitude maps. The special processing required to generate Surface Slices, along with the new Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit techniques are reviewed.

The second part of the paper will provide examples of how Surface Slices can be used to help solve certain stratigraphic problems. One such problem is the mapping of a spatially discontinuous follow-cycle, which may occur as the result of lateral changes in sand thickness or carbonate porosity. Most automatic tracking routines cannot handle this situation. A second application is the identification of unconformities and the mapping of individual "lapping" units.

Datuming a seismic cube on structural horizons and then displaying time slices through the datumed cube is becoming standard practice in the industry. In many cases such datumed time slices provide displays of the ancient depositional environment. Generating and interpreting Surface Slices, instead of time slices, from the datumed cube provides a new method of accurately interpreting and capturing this information. Examples are provided.

An interactive workstation will be used to demonstrate the stratigraphic Previous HitinterpretationTop capabilities of Surface Slices.

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