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Previous HitPredictingNext Hit Facies- and Mineralogy-Controlled Previous HitPorosityNext Hit and Permeability in the Zechstein 2 Carbonate (Upper Permian, Northwest Germany): A Multivariate Statistical Approach

Karen M. Love, Christian Strohmenger

Multivariate regression equations significantly predict the three-dimensional Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability distribution from regional to field scale in the Zechstein 2 Carbonate. The Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability distributions relate strongly to facies and matrix mineralogy. Facies control Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability due to both depositional and diagenetic factors, and matrix mineralogy serves as a control because Previous HitreservoirNext Hit dolomites are generally porous whereas calcitized dolomites (dedolomites) are generally non-porous.

Equations first were developed to predict mineralogy and then Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability using multiple regression analysis with a large, integrated database. Location variables (latitude, longitude, and depth), combined with facies variables, provide statistically significant predictions of mineralogy as well as Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability. The addition of transformed location variables (squares, reciprocals, logarithms) to the regression models improves the fit by accommodating the complexity of the Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability distribution. Improved predictions also can be made by areally subdividing the Previous HitreservoirNext Hit and generating separate prediction equations for each subdivision. In addition to the Previous HitporosityNext Hit and permeability predictions, confidence intervals on the predictions for each subarea can be calculated, providing important guidelines for Previous HitpredictingNext Hit rese voir quality from one part of the Previous HitreservoirTop to another. This information supplements data used for planning well locations, and also suggests optimal areas for three-dimensional seismic surveys.

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