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Appraisal of a Viscous Oil Accumulation in Unconsolidated Sand Reservoirs Using Horizontal Wells: Captain Previous HitFieldNext Hit, Block 13/22a, Inner Moray Firth, Previous HitNorthNext Hit Previous HitSeaNext Hit, UKCS

Andy R. J. Clitheroe

The Captain Previous HitFieldNext Hit contains 19° API gravity oil in unconsolidated Lower Cretaceous turbidite sand reservoirs at subsea depths of about 2900^prime. Two horizontal appraisal wells have been drilled to date, to assess reservoir producibility and demonstrate the potential for Previous HitfieldNext Hit development. The most recent of these, the 13/22a-10 well, was drilled in 1993 as part of an intensive Previous HitfieldTop appraisal programme designed to reduce the risk associated with any future development. The well contained a 6,000^prime horizontal section, and was subjected to a 90-day extended well test (EWT) using an electric submersible pump (ESP) to enhance well deliverability, and pre-packed screens for sand control. The poster presentation will review the philosophy behind the drilling of the we l in addition to the results achieved.

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