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Oil and Natural Gas Previous HitInducedNext Hit Previous HitSeismicityNext Hit

J. R. Century

There has been recent increased scientific awareness of Previous HitseismicityNext Hit Previous HitinducedNext Hit by natural resource operations in major oil and natural gas developments, mineral extraction and dam impoundments. Serious earthquakes causing great loss of life and property have occurred unexpectedly in many parts of the world, especially within intra-plate regions of low level Previous HitseismicityNext Hit. The petroleum industry has an added responsibility to further educate the public about those fields where Previous HitinducedNext Hit Previous HitseismicityNext Hit has already been accepted as scientifically proven. We should also investigate with increased rigorous objectivity, all areas at risk in which Previous HitseismicityNext Hit may be Previous HitinducedNext Hit through current activity of oil and gas production, enhanced oil recovery by water injection and in natural gas storage facilities.

Case histories from western Canada, the United States, France, Uzbekistan and other places will be reviewed. It is also incumbent on petroleum geologists to integrate and publish what is well established in the geological, geophysical and seismological disciplines. The purpose of this activity will be to develop a more complete understanding of, and reduction in, risk of serious earthquakes Previous HitinducedTop by petroleum and natural gas operations. Mitigation of risk is of utmost urgency, especially in highly populated areas.

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