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Abstract: The Use of Monitor Logging to Evaluate CO2 Foam Flooding in the East Vacuum Grayburg San Andres Unit

W. Rex Butler, Matthew G. Gerard, Jim Stevens

As CO2 floods mature, the use of foam surfactants to improve sweep efficiency and inhibit cycling or channeling will increase. This paper proposes a method of monitoring saturation changes in various zones as CO2 alternating surfactant is injected.

The East Vacuum Grayburg San Andres Unit (EVGSAU) has been under water alternating gas (WAG) since 1985. The EVGSAU CO2 Foam Mobility Control Project was started as a cooperative effort of the working interest owners, the Department of Energy and the Petroleum Recovery Research Center of the New Mexico Tech to evaluate the effectiveness of surfactant.

Using log data obtained from an observation well, models were developed to analyze subsequent monitor runs. The results of this analysis were then used to determine if the surfactant was changing either the path of flooding, or the response times of different layers in the well. The methodology and results of the logging program will be presented, as well as other supporting data from the pattern.

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